Grizzly 165 and Kenai 65 Coolers – Built Like A Battleship

In the mail yesterday came a couple coolers from Grizzly.. pics are of the first cooler and the largest one I picked up – the Grizzly 165 retailing for $499.99 on their website. They come in the pictured tan that I got and white is the other option available. After unboxing I noticed these coolers are solid, heavy and well built. The closures are easy to use and seem to be manufactured to last a while. The sides are equipped with very sturdy rubber handles.

The second cooler is Grizzly’s other line – Kenai. I picked up a Kenai 65 cooler in tan as well. Website shows full retail as $299.99 with a sale price as of the time of the post of $229.99. This cooler comes in far more colors than the larger Grizzly 165 which is expected. Colors are: Grey, Lime Green, Deep Green, Orange, Red, Sandstone type color, Mint Green, Tan, Aqua and White.. great color selection. The Kenai 65 is built just about like the Grizzly – they seem to be nice high quality coolers. Impressed so far.

I haven’t tested them yet but will this weekend and will post a full write up. So far I’m impressed with the build quality but as we all know it comes down to the ice.. I’ll post the results on Sunday evening.

You can check out the coolers on the Grizzly Coolers Website of:

For Kenai Coolers do a search on the Grizzly website and they will come up. Check back Sunday evening for a full review.

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