Grizzly Coolers – Review of the Kenai 65

It’s cooler review time. The coolers arrived after we returned from our fly fishing and outdoor product review trip so we didn’t get an opportunity to review while on the trip but this past weekend we tested the KENAI 65 in a much harsher area than we would have had in New Mexico… the test took place at Lake Tenkiller in Eastern Oklahoma. We left the house on Friday afternoon and loaded down the KENAI 65 with lots of cans and bottles of drinks and ready for a weekend in the water. What makes the test more extreme is that New Mexico was a nighttime low of 55 degrees and the highs during the day were low to mid 80’s.. the KENAI didn’t get that type of mild weather in Oklahoma. The low was hot and the high was scorching hot – 101 on Saturday.

Like I said we pulled out with a loaded KENAI 65 around 2:00 PM on Friday and dropped two bags of ice in the cooler and drinks. The cooler was inside of an SUV and we arrived at the lake 2.5 hours later with a full cooler of ice. I would hope this would be the case. We dropped the cooler off on the dock in the 95+ degree temps and as the sun started going down it was directly hitting the cooler for hours. I thought for sure this would melt the ice.

The cooler was opened and closed and opened and closed over and over again during the day and evening. End of Friday and really only a half day – Cooler still full of ice and no need to add any. We left the cooler on the dock all night where the temperatures never dropped below 85 degrees.

Saturday morning… got to the dock and opened the cooler – full of ice.. as the day went on and on the cooler was opened and closed numerous times. Full day in the 100 degree temps with no relief from the heat. The cooler was a trooper! Last half of the day the cooler was once again bombarded by direct sunlight and the heat. End of the cooler we definitely should be adding ice – opened the cooler and NOPE.. the ice was starting to melt but it had plenty.

Left the cooler on the dock again Saturday night in the heat.

Sunday morning – opened the cooler and still had ice.. although it was starting to get down to ice and water it was still amazingly cold and easily keeping the drinks cold. All day Sunday the cooler was opened and closed as usual numerous times.. by Sunday afternoon the cooler was again in the direct sunlight and amazing heat. Car showed 103 degrees. At 3:00 PM it was time to bring the test to an end and see what we had left. Shockingly 48 over hours later we still had some ice left and everything was still cold.

50 hours and 2 bags of ice and everything was still cold. Truly amazing.

The KENAI 65 easily surpassed my expectations and this cooler is definitely priced much lower than coolers that are equal or lesser coolers. Currently the website shows a retail price of $299.99 but on sale now for $249.99. You won’t find a better cooler at that price point.

So… get over to the Kenai website and pick up a cooler. You won’t be disappointed. Link to the different coolers below. The Kenai line is manufactured by Grizzly Coolers.

Next up – Review of the giant Grizzly 165 Cooler !! Check back in a week for the results!

Great coolers Grizzly !!!

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