Bright Red Blue Halo 8′ 5wt By Terry’s Custom Rods

Next up – an absolutely beautiful Blue Halo 8’ 5wt Fiberglass Fly Rod by Terry’s Custom Rods.. What can I say except wow.. it’s an amazing Fly Rod and the bright red color is stunning to say the least. The slow to moderate action of this fiberglass rod makes you slow your casting down and allowed for great accuracy and being able to lay down a small hopper exactly where I wanted it to some incredibly spooky browns. While in New Mexico on our review trip the water we were fishing was narrow and tight with over hanging grass so I didn’t really have the opportunity to really put the rod to a full long casting test but the type of fishing I did do it performed perfectly. Once I got back I threw an Abel reel on the rod and took it out and got an opportunity to see what it could do with distance. Once again it didn’t disappoint. Like I said previously it is a slow to moderate Rod so you really have to be patient and slow the cast down but it’s buttery smooth and it’s definitely a keeper. I’m definitely going to take it out in 2-3 weeks again to throw some big poppers at some large mouth and see how it performs giving it a true workout. So… all in all it’s a fantastic rod and if you are in the market for a fiberglass rod give Terry a shout and get him to put one together for you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the rod or your interaction with Terry. He’s a class act and does great work. Check out @Terry’s Custom Rods on FB…

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