A Light Inside A Hydration Bladder? – The Hydrolight 2L Back Country Lantern.

Hydrolight Outdoor Gear – 2L Backcountry Lantern – $45

Over the weekend I tested out the newly released 2L Backcountry Lantern by Hydrolight Outdoor Gear and I have to say I was overly impressed. You might be thinking… oh it’s just another hydration bladder but it really isn’t. The premise behind it is a hydration bladder with a small zippered waterproof pocket in the back so you can insert a headlamp, small flashlight or anything that lights up. When filled with water and the light turned on it diffuses the light and will really light up a small space like a tent.

After using multiple hydration packs in the past the Hydrolight holds its own in build quality. They are produced with great components and you can tell the minute you open the packaging. Highly impressed and at $45 it seems like a pretty good deal.

Round one I used water and it worked perfectly.

Round two I could probably be considered an idiot and put 7 cans of carbonated drink into the pack. Fast forward 10 minutes bouncing around in a boat and it expanded like a balloon. But… it held it’s own and never had a problem. Released the air and back to normal.

Overall it’s a great hydration pack and doubles as a lantern. Well worth the $45 in my opinion. All the people I was with thought it was a really cool product and asked where to pick one up. If I had one piece of advice for the people at Hydrolight Outdoor Gear it would be to offer some type of backpack type holder for the bladder like other manufacturers. I say this because I used it during the day as well when a light wasn’t needed and to be able to throw it on your back would be great. I’m sure this is in the works but that is honestly the only thing I would add or change.

Like I said this is a fairly new company so check them out and know if you pick one up you are getting a high quality product.


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