Yes You Have Been Brainwashed! The Many Colors Of Blue Halo.

Yes… you have been brainwashed. I know it’s hard to hear but you and lots of other fly fisherman around the world have been convinced that you need to be fishing a boring, dull, drab and dreary colored fly rod. Go out to any stream, river or lake in your neck of the woods and you will see lots of brown, dark green, grey or black fly rods. And.. that’s ok if that’s what you like but…. if you are one of those people that likes a little flash or bright colors in your life look no further than Blue Halo. They have you covered with a large selection of awesome colors available. See the picture below (Yes I pulled the pic from their site but hopefully they won’t get onto me!!).

So you are saying yes I want a bright colored fly rod so I stand out on the stream but how do they perform? Well I’m glad you asked. Blue Halo rods are fiberglass and let’s be clear.. THIS IS NOT your grandfather’s fiberglass. No, No, No these are awesome, new, cutting edge fiberglass fly rods. When I got mine I thought.. Oh come on, how good can it really be? Well let me tell you.. The Blue Halo rod I have may have been delivered by USPS but in my mind the sky parted and it was dropped from heaven. Yes I know that is an exaggeration but this rod it awesome. Let’s be clear.. This rod is not the fast action rod everyone says you need to be fishing. Instead, this is a moderate action rod and it takes a little getting used to. Casting this rod is buttery smooth, slow it down, relaxing and totally enjoyable. It’s a winner in my books. Blue Halo rods are in your face bright colored but they require a slow relaxed casting motion in my experience – Let’s call it a cross between Van Halen and Smooth Jazz for you music lovers out there!

Now if you have read this far and are thinking yes I need one of these sticks, you need to reach out to Terry at Terry’s Custom Rods. He is awesome to work with, patient and will answer any questions you have. Terry is a class act and knows fly rods like the back of his hand and you couldn’t find a nicer person to deal with. Drop him a line and you won’t be disappointed.

So now we come to the point where you have to decide.. Are you the type of person that is ready to make the jump to being the one on the river whose fly rod doesn’t fit in? Or do you want to be the person wearing a tweed vest throwing dry flies with your brown fly rod? Of course you don’t – Get a Blue Halo from Terry’s Custom Rods and you will be happy…

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