I Love This Pad – The ALPS Mountaineering Rapid Air Pad XL – Truly Fantastic!

ALPS Mountaineering Rapid Air Pad XL

As I get older and older my ability to lay and sleep on a hard surface, like the ground, slowly goes away. With the upcoming gear review trip coming up a week from Monday I finally broke down and picked up a pad to sleep on while camping. After a decent amount of research I landed on the ALPS Mountaineering Rapid Air Pad XL.. yes I got the XL.. I’m not having to worry about backpacking with it or having to pack it into a small space. Nope.. it’s strictly from the truck to the tent so I went with the XL.

When end the box arrived I brought it inside and thought, seriously this box is huge. Then I reminded myself – Comfort.. We are going for comfort! Unwrapped it and quickly read over the instructions. If you have ever used a pad you know they are pretty darn basic. This pad is self inflating and has two brass valves – On the corners on one end. So it’s unscrew, inflate and screw the caps closed. The first inflation takes a few minutes and you do have to help with the inflation process by blowing into the valve and then sealing it. Leave inflated overnight and boom the next morning all is well in the sleep pad world. Deflate, roll up and secure with the two bands and shove it into the provided sack.

Like I said it‘s amazingly easy to use and I have to tell you it’s really comfortable. Not only does it inflate to get you up and off the ground but the core of the pad is a hexagon-shaped foam. Tell me that doesn’t sound fancy. Right, it does. So, overall I’m pleased with my experience with it so far and will obviously have more thoughts once I use it in a little over a week. So far, great job ALPS Mountaineering on a solid pad.

I have now slept on this awesome pad. All I can say is it was hands down the best nights of sleep I have ever had inside of a tent. Now let’s be clear… This is a good size pad and probably not something a backpacker is going to haul around for days but if you are driving up to your campsite or a short hike in this is a good option as it is incredibly comfortable.

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