Let There Be Light – The Goal Zero Crush Light – Tell Us The Lumens……

Goal Zero Crush Light

This is a basic little camp light but it seems it does all it needs to do. In all actuality a light is a very basic item if you ask me – It either works or it doesn’t. This little camp light puts out 60 lumens of light on high but I can’t seem to find what the lumen output is on medium or low.

Goal Zero site information:
High Power – 3 Hour Run Time – 60 Lumens
Medium Power – 6 Hour Run Time – No Lumen Info
Low Power – 35 Hour Run Time – No Lumen Info
Candle Light – 3.5 Hour Run Time – No Lumen Info

Seems like fairly basic information you should have on a website on your Tech Specs tab. I guess the candlelight is for romantic camping or ambiance as they state on their site. Not my thing but to each their own.

Charge Time:
USB – 2.5 Hours (cord included)
Built In Solar Panel – 20 Hours

As you can see from the pics there is a small solar panel built in to the top of the light. The 20 hour charge time seems a little long but oh well. There is no way you can possibly keep it charged at a 20 hour charge time and a 3 hour run time while outdoors and away from a wall outlet.

So to wrap it up… decent little light that puts out a decent amount of light with a long charge time and a short run time. But…. at a $19.95 price point you really can’t expect something amazing.

Oh… it does crush down flat which takes up hardly any space so it does have that going for it.

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