The Sleeping Review – Tent/Sleeping Bag/Sleep Pad and Pillow..

The Sleeping Review Post

The four products pictured were used this past week and all were part of camping/sleeping.

1. Sierra Designs Bedouin 4 Tent. The tent is a 3-season tent that is in my opinion made with high quality materials and component. The tent has a tall ceiling in the center and good height on the sides as well. Tons of interior pockets for whatever you need to stow away and the biggest plus is it’s easy to set up and one person can get it done on their own pretty quick. The tent utilizes a standard cross pole design and there are two smaller poles for the front and back when attaching the rain fly. One morning we had incredibly strong winds and the tent held its ground and we never had an issue at all. This is a huge plus. The only negative if you can call it one would be that the rain fly does come down to nearly the ground so the ventilation isn’t great which adds to the condensation but you can keep part of the rain fly unzipped for added airflow.

2. Marmot Never Winter 30 Degree Sleeping Bag. Not much to say here outside of it works and maybe a little too good. Temps dropped down to the mid 30s one night and I was overly warm in this bag. Good quality as you would expect from a Marmot product. Nothing bad to say here at all.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Rapid Sleeping Pad X-Large. Because I wasn’t hiking in anywhere I opted for the larger sleeping pad and was extremely happy. Unscrew the two valves and it self inflated to a certain point and then close off one valve and finish inflating to whatever firmness you want by blowing into the valve and then closing it off. The pad is incredibly comfortable and really takes the edge off from sleeping in a bag on the floor of the tent. The thing that really sold me was one morning I woke up and was perfectly warm and moved to the side slightly and my leg must have been slightly off the pad because I Could feel the temperature difference once it wasn’t on the pad. GAME CHANGER in my books. Awesome pad at an awesome price at REI.

4. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow – Large 16×23. Once again I opted for a larger pillow since I wouldn’t be hiking it in some remote place. The pillow was amazing to say the least. It packs down small and then expands fairly quickly when you unroll it. I slept really well using it but if you want to fully experience this pillow do what the tag says and wash it and then dry it.. thats when it really expands and it much softer and much larger. At under $30 this pillow will make your time sleeping much more enjoyable. No more neck pain in the morning.

So.. Bravo to Sierra Designs, Marmot, ALPS Mountaineering and Therm-a-Rest for making my time sleeping much better than usual.

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