Chris Lantzy and The Mini Pack – Fly Fishing Simplicity

THE MINI PACK – by Chris Lantzy – $35.00

I have labeled myself a fly fisherman for about 20 years now and also a major gear junkie! i absolutely love gear and I love good quality hand-made gear. Why?? Because it’s being made by someone with a passion for what they are doing and not some mass produced thing. I’ve used everything from Patagonia vests to Fishpond hip packs… I haven‘t liked any of them that much.. then I ran across this pack and I’m ordering one first thing Monday morning. I think I may have found the answer. Below is the information taken from the website as well as the link to the product. Once I get it in I’ll post a more in-depth review.

Description From website ––…

Here is one of the most convenient accessories you can have for keeping all your essential fishing items in one place. This canvas Mini Pack is also perfect for those times when you’re going light & don’t want to wear a vest or carry a fishing bag. This is a truly unique fishing accessory – there’s not another like it anywhere.

With four expandable, accordion-style pockets, each with a velcro closure, it can hold just about all the essentials you’ll need along the water: tippet spools, leaders, floatant, nippers, a small fly box, etc. There’s room enough in here for everything. Since each pocket has it’s own closure you can access only the pocket you need at any time without worry about anything falling out of the pack when open. Two snap closures on the flap allow you to keep it closed securely no matter how much it expands or how full you fill it. The swivel hook allows you to attach it to your vest, shirt, or belt. It can be hung from a lanyard & it could possibly even fit in a shirt or pants pocket, too.

There’s even a back pocket on the pack for holding your hemostats, pliers, or other hook-removing tool. A strap keeps the tool secured in the pack, but easily pulls open for quick access when taking a hook out of a fish’s mouth.

So.. check out the website for a good selection of hand-made fly fishing accessories.

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