Hestra Gloves and Mittens – Quality Since 1936

Hestra Wakayama Gloves & Mittens – $150 (Gloves) $170 (Mittens)

Yes I know most of you haven’t worn mittens since your mother bundled you up to go play out in the snow at the ripe old age of 6 but did you know mittens are actually warmer than gloves with separated fingers?

When looking at gloves or mittens you need to take into account a few things. Do you like the feel of gloves or mittens? What activity are you going to be doing and is there a level of dexterity required? When you answer those questions now it’s just preference. Since the beginning there have been gloves folk and mittens folk arguing which are better in the way of warmth. Glove people say each finger generates heat and stays warm while mitten folk say the fingers when kept together are able to generate and retain more heat when they are kept together – the later also happens to be the conclusion of experts as well. Sorry glove people. So figure out what you like and for what activity and then go get a pair of Hestra Wakayama Gloves or Mittens.

As a person who is outside in the fall and winter a good amount I tend to like warm hands. Who doesn’t…. so when I read about Hestra gloves I started my research and decided I wanted to check them out. Sadly there isn’t a retailer in my hometown and spending $150+ on a pair of gloves or mittens isn’t something I’m doing over the internet. So I’ve waited. This week I’m in Santa Fe, NM and while shopping in the various stores in The Plaza area I walk into a store and what do I see?? A small rack of Hestra gloves and mittens. When I say small it was about 6 pair… I immediately pray that they have my size but they didn’t. Either too small or too big. But.. the one pair of Wakayama gloves they had were too big so I could at least put them on and see what they were all about.

Now let’s talk about the gloves. First they are incredibly high quality. The leather is made entirely of impregnated cowhide and it’s incredibly soft. Like smooth butter!! The lining or insulating is G-Loft polyester and it’s crazy warm. They also have a removable wool terry lining which is nice. In summary these things are Amazing and I definitely need a pair. They truly are amazing.

Now that you are interested and might want a pair – You have to ask yourself…. Are you a Glove or Mitten person??

Hestra has been producing gloves and mittens since 1936 so they probably have a decent idea what they are doing. Check out their website at the link below and also their Facebook page at Hestra Gloves.


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