The Cotopaxi Taal Del Dia Convertible Tote

Cotopaxi – Taal Del Dia – Convertible Tote – $50 – 100% Repurposed Nylon Construction

So I’ve been following Cotopaxi for a little while now primarily from seeing their products around periodically. Today I saw some bags in a store in Santa Fe and decided to go ahead and pick one up.. I say I saw them because Cotopaxi gear isn’t hard to spot. Their products are bright colored with mix and matched colored panels, zippers, pulls, etc which make them easy to spot and very unique. I haven’t seen anything like it before which makes them really cool in my opinion.

After spending a few minutes looking at the bag I can tell you they are built well. Good solid construction with quality components make this bag and the rest of their gear a good choice for the person that wants to stand out a little. These bags scream – I Love Color !! The bag I picked up is a basic small carry around type of bag called the Taal Convertible Tote. The size on the Cotopaxi site says it’s 14x12x4.5 inches or 16L weighing in at a whopping 9.4 oz. Yes these things are light.

Bag highlights.. Front zippered pocket, shoulder strap, large internal compartment, smaller internal compartment, internal water bottle holder, small internal zippered compartment. For a small bag this thing has a lot of space and individual compartments. It’s awesome.

Below is the information that was gently borrowed from the Cotopaxi website.

Whether you’re looking for an easy around-town bag or a lightweight, convenient travel carry-on, the Taal Convertible Tote fits the bill. Carry it like a messenger bag, or convert its shoulder strap into backpack straps on the fly. The Taal’s main pocket features a large envelope pocket, plus a zippered stash pocket large enough to hold a smartphone, a wallet, or other valuables. Its main pocket also features a water bottle pouch to protect your other belongings from condensation. Finally, as part of our Del Día Collection, every Taal Convertible Tote is one-of-a-kind—made by employees who are given creative control to determine every bag’s color scheme. Receive one at random, or take your pick from an assortment of unique color combos.

Each pack in the Del Día Collection is made with remnant materials by employees who have creative control over its final look. This means that no two packs are alike. From fabric to thread, your Del Día is one of a kind.

EMPOWERING EMPLOYEES – Bold colors, small details, and personality. The Del Día Collection is all of these, but the bigger story is about enabling the people who make our products. When you pick up one of these packs, what you’re seeing is the “signature” of the employees who made it.

THE PROCESS – Our Del Día products take material repurposing to the next level, using smaller batches of excess material than our Repurposed Collection.

Employees at our factory in the Philippines select rolls of excess fabric. Using these remnant materials, expert designers and sewers mix and match fabrics and components (e.g., zippers, zipper pulls, buckles, and thread) to their liking. The result? Waste-saving, one-of-a-kind products, with a built-in connection between our team of designers, sewers, and you.

Check our Cotopaxi’s website where you will see the vast array of products they offer – bags, backpacks, men’s and women’s clothing, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, head lamps, hats, towels, water bottles and socks. I think I covered just about everything. Very cool and unique products for the active outdoors folk out there. Give ‘em a shot if you are bold enough and can handle all the colors!

A company with a give back mentality. After you check out their products I challenge you to spend some time on their site looking over the Questival, Impact, Our Story and More tabs at the top of the page. Cotopaxi is truly an amazing company !!

Cotopaxi website –

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