REI and the #OptOutside Campaign

REI – #OptOutside Campaign

As the holiday season quickly approaches and we are inundated by ads and commercials pushing us to hit stores on Black Friday there is one company that is taking a different approach. Here enters REI and their campaign to Fight For The Outdoors. REI once again will be closing their doors on Black Friday and instead will be pushing their message of #OptOutside.

As they state in a recent article, REI is asking everyone to take a break from their devices and take a series of steps to leave the world we love a little better. “We are embracing our collective potential to leave a positive mark that will pay off in the decades ahead, for future generations.”

Since 2015 REI has closed their doors on Black Friday and once again they are closing shop, and on November 29th they want you to join in a nationwide day of action and will be kicking off a year of change.

So… what can you do to be a part of this amazing campaign?

1. Spread The Word – Start by sharing why you Opt to Act to get others on board.

2. Get Out, Clean Up – Leading up to Black Friday join one of the many cleanup events nationwide. There are currently 11 cleanup events scheduled. If there isn’t one around you, hold a DIY event. Make a plan and get your friends involved. Make sure to take lots of pics and share them on social media with the hashtag #OptOutside.

3. Act All Year – The #OptOutside campaign is only the beginning to a lifestyle change for the next year and then beyond. After the initial clean up day keep it going… continue for the next 52 weeks. Work to leave the world better than you found it. The plan can come to you however you want.

Below are three links to some great information about the #OptOutside campaign.

The REI Opt to Act Plan taken from the REI Co-op Journal…

A message from REI CEO Eric Artz – We Must Opt To Act…/stewardsh…/opt-outside-2019-eric-artz…

The 52 Week Opt To Act Plan – 52 Simple Weekly Challenges For A Year Of Action…

What are you going to do? If you have read this far you are obviously someone that is interested and wanting to possibly make a difference. So… get outside and take some time away from the craziness around us and make an impact that will be felt for generations to come. Read the information above and do your part by removing yourself from the insanity of Black Friday and getting outside but also for the 52 weeks that follow. It starts with a 52 week commitment but it is actually a lifelong lifestyle change. Get involved…..

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