The Grace and Beauty of a Custom Bamboo Rod

Chris Lantzy / Custom Rod Maker – Split Bamboo Fly Rods – $600-$1,270+

If you have followed me and this page for any time at all you will know that I’m a huge fan of Chris Lantzy and his work. In the past I have posted about his custom fly wallets, bags or other handmade goods but I have yet to post about his custom split bamboo fly rods. Well.. today is the day. When I think of bamboo rods I think about my childhood and going fishing with my grandfather. Although they weren’t fly rods my grandfather taught me to fish on a bamboo rod. The man was a true fisherman and passed on to me every ounce of fishing knowledge he had in his head. He was truly special.

Now.. let’s be clear about one thing…. the fly rods Chris produces are not your grandfathers bamboo fly rods. Absolutely not. These are truly magnificent works of art and I think the photographs attached will back up what I’m saying.

Chris produces three different and distinct levels of fly rod.

1. The Prudential Series – $600 – 2 piece rods and available in all length and line weights. Most popular are 6’ 5wt, 7’ 4wt and 7’-6” 5wt.

2. The Classical Series – All rods 5ft to 8ft in length are available in 2/2 (2 piece/ 2 tip) configuration. Rods 8”6″ to 9′ length are available in 3/2 (3 piece/ 2 tip) configurations. 2/2 rods are $865 and 3/2 rods are $995.

3. And lastly – The Custom Series. This rod is truly a custom project. 2/2 rods come in at $1155+ and 3/2 rods start at $1,270. Like I said, this is a custom rod and you will work closely with Chris on every aspect of your fly rod build.

I’m not sure I have seen a custom bamboo fly rod at this price point with this much quality built into everyone a Chris lays his hands on….a true artesian.

Check out the photos in the post and you will see that Chris is a true artist. So when you want something different than fiberglass or graphite, give Chris a call or drop him an email. I assure you he will be incredibly timely with his responses and happy to answer any question you have have.

Not everyone has the opportunity to fish like Paul Maclean but give Chris a call and you too can be standing knee high in the Blackfoot River throwing dry flies from a bamboo rod.

“…it is not fly fishing if you are not looking for answers to questions.”
― Norman Maclean

You can visit Chris’s site at the link below.

You can also check out his work on Instagram – customflyrods

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