Barn and Brook Supply Co

Barn and Brook Supply Co. – Various Handmade Products – Knives and Leather Goods

We all have a pocket knives whether it be for everyday carry or what’s thrown in our gear bag or backpack to use out on water, trail or at our evening campsite. But.. yes we all have one or multiple.. I tend to lean towards the multiple!!

So when I stumbled across Phil Seeley’s Instagram page and website I decided to drop him a line and see what he was all about. What he’s all about is laid back, gracious, helpful, awesome customer service and he also happens to put out some amazing stuff. Yes I know I say it all the time but here it is again. I LOVE HANDMADE GEAR and Phil’s stuff is no different. Phil puts out top notch knives and leather products and you would definitely be missing out if you didn’t at least visit his page and browse around. As you can tell by the pictures below it’s good stuff.

Like I said Phil has been incredible to talk to and I think his website’s About section tells you all you need to know. On top of that he’s also a fly fisherman, so how bad of a guy could he possibly be!!!

Taken From The About Page on Barn and Brook Supply Co – Artist and craftsman, Phil Seeley, was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania and has lived in Vermont for eighteen years. Son of a woodworker, Phil learned at an early age how to combine form and function to create long-lasting, useful art. Barn & Brook’s leather goods are cut and stitched by Seeley’s hands to create the perfect feel and fit in yours, intended to be broken in and passed down through multiple generations.

His knives are carefully crafted with their beginnings forming on paper. Once every detail has been calculated he brings them to life. Working only with high carbon steel and stabilized hardwood, his designs take on a life of their own. Only considered complete once Phil himself feels that they are of the highest quality possible…and of course, the most pleasing to look at.

Phil finds inspiration through spending time with his family and spending time on the many local brooks fly fishing. He currently resides in Hinesburg, VT

So the question to ask now is do you want to travel, camp, hike, backpack or fly fish with a cheap poor quality Chinese knife or are you ready to check out Phil’s awesome heirloom quality knives as well as his other handmade products?

Passing down a knife of this quality to your son or daughter means something far more than the current knife you may have purchased on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart. So take a few minutes and look at Phil’s website or Instagram page and do yourself a favor and support a local artist and craftsman. These products are made by Phil’s hands and not some overseas machine.

You can follow his adventures in the barn and on the brook on Instagram: @barnandbrooksupplyco or email him at

Check out all of Phil’s awesome stuff at his website:

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