The General Fly Reel

Big Y Fly Company – The General Fly Reel 7/8wt- $129.99 – Ferrari Red Backing and Yellow Line

This review could honestly be done very quickly simply by saying – This reel is a WORKHORSE!! But since that doesn’t give much information I’ll refrain from opting for the short and sweet version and give you a little more information.

A few weeks ago I picked up the 7/8wt version of this reel and was extremely surprised when I opened up the box. After I tore down the reel and looked it over I still have no idea how they are putting together a reel of this quality and selling it for $129.99. It’s a bargain if you ask me. When the reel and additional spool hit my front porch I pounded out a quick initial review so look down a few posts for some more information.

OK… back to the reel. So I broke it down, looked it over, tested it in the backyard and just flat out abused the drag on this reel trying to see what it could do. Nothing I did could make it stray from what it’s supposed to do and that’s two things. (1) Hold backing and line and (2) STOP FISH. Did I mention I love the drag on this reel? Just in case you missed it I do. The drag knob doesn’t click like a lot of reels but rather it’s a smooth dial so you can set it without having specified increments like other reels I own…with one company putting out crazy expensive reels and they don’t perform any better than the General… Yep I said it.. this $130 reel goes toe to toe with my $700 (insert that expensive reel brand here) and can easily match it.

And… today I took the reel out and paired it with a Scott Tidal – 9’ 8wt and it worked perfectly. I used the reel chasing large mouth bass today around a farm pond in dirty murky water and mud everywhere (Cows watching me). I dropped it, slipped and fell in the mud around the bank (yes I fell), and it was fairly abused in those two instances and it didn’t miss a beat.

From the Big Y website – description of The General

The new General Series Reels from Big Y Fly Co is the latest in our product lineup of quality fly fishing gear. This reel actually takes off where our Nano left off. Milled specifically to decrease weight and increase backing capacity, this awesome reel is manufactured using 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for hardcore durability that will stand the test of time. We even designed in a sealed drag to keep out those nasty elements, whether in salt or freshwater. Whatever you can throw at it, this reel can take it. It is available to match 5wt-10wt rods (including Switch and Spey models). A great option for the trout bum, all the way up to the die-hard saltwater fisher. At this price point it is damn near impossible to beat, so buy two! The General Series Reels are sure to be a top mainstay in our lineup for a long time.

So, when it really matters, make it a General Series Reel from Big Y Fly Co. Designed in Hood River, Oregon.

A sealed drag using multi carbon disc system.
Machine cut out of cold forged 6061-T6 aluminum.
Oversize handles and drag knob making it easy to use in wet and cold conditions.
Increased backing capacity.
Caged frame.
Includes mesh reel pouch.

So in summary.. The General can stand up to just about whatever you throw at it and at a price point that doesn’t even make sense it‘s so low. Pick one up or at that price pick up a few of them or some extra spools. Trust me it’s a steal.

Only thing I would change is the name to The Gladiator.. because it’s just a beast of a reel… and that logo on the dial looks like Russell Crowe’s helmet in the movie!! Picture below is a large mouth that was brought in on the General! Great fish although my camera man needs a little more work on getting the entire fish in the frame!

Great job Big Y Fly Company – check out the reel at the link below or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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