MSR Family of Stoves – Who Doesn’t Want A Hot Meal?

When being outdoors for an extended amount of time, one can only choke down pre-made packaged bars made with an array of grains, seeds and other things that happen to be overly dry for so long before it’s time for something different.  Sure you can opt for a cold meal but who wants that when for minimal weight in your pack you can have a stove that gets you a hot meal and gets it to you quick.

So, why a camp stove over an open campfire?  The thought of a crackling, warm, open camp fire roaring in the middle of camp seems like an awesome experience.  Campfires are obviously an option but with restrictions on fire height, fire location, how to start the fire and keep it burning (fire starter, kindling, wood and some option to put it out) are all reasons a stove might be a better option.  Camp stoves are typically compact and easy to carry in a backpack and allow you to cook a hot meal incredibly fast.

Oh..  and what about starting a campfire when it’s been raining and everything is wet.  Not the easiest task.

Today is MSR day and I will post about competing stove manufacturers not only in the liquid fuel (alcohol or gas cartridges) space but also solid fuel (wood, charcoal, etc) models as well in the coming days.

I would image most of you have heard of MSR or Mountain Safety Research and probably have some of the gear they have been putting out since Larry Penberthy founded the company in 1969.  As the MSR website states – The fuel behind Larry’s passionate fire was a simple belief that still drives their team today – The Idea that better, safer, more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking greater adventures.

Over the past few weeks I have been looking over manufacturer websites and message boards trying to narrow down the exact new outdoor stove I want to have in my pack going forward.  As you know there are a multitude of options and I will post some of them in the coming days and weeks.  But..  first up is probably one of the industry leaders if not the leader – MSR.

Going to their website one can get overwhelmed with the large number of different stoves they offer and you can narrow them down by cooking style (boil, cook or simmer), group size (1-2 person or 3+ person), fuel type (canister, liquid or multi-fuel) and temperature range (more than 40 degrees, 10-40 degrees or less than 10 degrees)..  I think you get the picture that with all the options you can get a little confused on what you really need.  With that being said..  since I am OCD (which is a gift!) I created a spreadsheet listing each of the stoves and the parameters you can sort by to help me better decide what I want to purchase (Below is a shot of what I put together).

Hopefully the chart above can help someone else out and check out their site for not only stoves but a large number of other outdoor products.

On top of all the stove options MSR has a wide range of accessories from skillets, stock pot, sauce pot, coffee press, hanging kit, igniters, stands, pumps and much more.

I am going with the WindBurner Duo Stove so review coming in the near future.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will post about other stove brands so check back.

Up Next – The Stöker Flatpack Stove by Überleben


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