Why Buy Mass Produced When You Can Buy An Heirloom Quality Knife? The Creek Hopper By Phil Seeley

I deal with a large number of people everyday and it isn’t often that I run into someone like Phil Seeley – a true artist with a passion for his work and people. A while back I started conversations with Phil and I’m not sure I have met many people in my many years on this earth that are more passionate and full of life than Phil. The guy loves what he does… plain and simple.

When looking over his website the products he is putting out is truly fantastic and the one thing that caught my eye was the Creek Hopper. A fixed blade knife that would be awesome out on the water, at camp or anytime you need to call upon a knife. These things are truly beautiful works of art!

One day I was messaging back and forth with Phil and I asked him where the inspiration came from for the Creek Hopper And his knives in general. His response was cool…. “My dad used to take me into a gas station in town where all the guys would hang out and drink coffee. Back when they had jack knives behind the counter. I remember falling in love with their shape and unique colors and couldn’t wait until I was old enough to get one. They were those old swoop looking fishing knives and the Creek Hopper resembles that shape to me. The Creek Hopper is my favorite knife and as of right now it’s the most popular. It is 100% my own design and it took me a while to get it how I wanted it so I’m proud of this style.”

And that’s how the Creek Hopper was born.. from the early beginnings of a young boy hanging out with his dad in a gas station. That’s pretty cool in my opinion. Currently Phil is selling the Creek Hopper for $190 which is a great deal for a knife of this quality and the attention to detail is remarkable to say the least.

You can check out his work either on his Instagram page @barnandbrooksupplyco or his website http://www.barnandbrooksupplyco.com

Phil is a great guy that loves people and I’m sure he would love to hear from you so drop him a line. You won’t be disappointed.

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