AVALON7 – Rob Kingwill And His Unmatched Passion For The Outdoors – Show Me The Facemasks!

Who would know the need for a facemask better than a former US Snowboard Team Member? No one.. Rob Kingwill is the founder of AVALON7 and as his website says he is the sole proprietor, principal artist, web designer, sticker maker, credit card max-er and late night tag sewing master running the company our of his small studio in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The guy is nothing short of a superstar!

Although Rob’s website centers a lot around the snowboarding scene I think his facemasks easily fit into everyday outdoor activities not only in the winter but also for those of us that try to keep our face and neck out of the sun while fly fishing, hiking and backpacking. Winter uses are easily seen with the need to keep our face and neck warm and out of the sun but what about during the warmer months? As we all know the excitement of getting out on the stream, river, lake or the trail can temporarily make us brain dead and we forget the sunscreen.. after a few hours with the sun beating down on us we now have a new problem and that is now having to spend the rest of the trip treating a sunburn. Yes, it’s happened to all of us.

We will check out a few of Rob’s Facemasks in a few minutes but first.. When checking out his website I ran across a couple of things I think are pretty cool and gives you an idea of what Rob is about and his mindset as an outdoors guy.

First is what Rob calls his AVALON7 Manifesto

  • AVALON7 was built to help you remember who you are; that you are capable of great things.
  • We hope to inspire and empower you to live life to the fullest.
  • To be optimistic and reach for your highest self.
  • So turn off the TV. Put down the phone. Think outside. Adventure more. Life activated.
  • We are here to help you realize you are a force of nature and you are limitless in your potential.

Tell me that isn’t awesome.. That truly tells me alot about a person as well as the mindset of the company as a whole. It all starts with the owner’s vision and Rob’s vision is cool.

Yes I am going to make you read one more thing before we get to the cool stuff AVALON7 is putting out!

We Are All Adventurers

­ Adventure is at the core of who we are at AVALON7.  It is the call of the unknown, the promise of unseen vistas and undiscovered powder stashes that push us to wake up before dawn and step out into the world in search of inspired moments and fresh perspectives.  It is a sirens call.

We Are All Adventurers.   Even if you never climb a mountain, or swim in the ocean, you can still be an adventurer in your life.  You can read a new novel, try a new style of art, or just take a different route on your way home from work.  Discover the power of the Adventure Mindset- one focused on growth and new experiences.  This is an optimistic perspective on the world, one that takes every setback as an opportunity to learn and gain experience instead of being focused on suffering and pain.  Sometimes we forget that the struggle, or the work is all part of the process.   In the end the journey is the reward.  Adventure Inspired!

We endeavor to make the best accessories possible for every outdoor adventure- sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference.  Take for example the versatility of our Mesh Tube facemasks.  They are small, lightweight and easily packable, but when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, you will be glad to find one in your pocket as you make your way out of the woods!

Life is meant to be lived and loved, and we are only here a short while.  Find your spark, find your inspiration, and chase it to wherever it leads.  Live Activated and Adventure More.   Your time is now.

It’s not often you run across a company that has this type of passion and takes the time to put it into writing on their website. Now I don’t know Rob outside of the emails that we have had back and forth but in my opinion it isn’t something he is using to sell products. Like I said it is a mindset and a way of life and the passion shows in what Rob is doing on a daily basis.


AVALON7 puts out some cool stuff from Facemasks to Clothing to Hats & Beanies to what they have labeled as Other Stuff! You can take some time to look over the website but today I am going to focus mainly on Rob’s Facemasks. So here we go with his seven offerings. Most of the information here is straight from the Avalon7 website. I can’t take credit for the creative ways he describes his products.

The Classic Tube Facemask – ­ AVALON7 Classic Tube Face Masks for skiing, snowboarding and flyfishing. Elevate your style with one of our unique limited edition facemasks designed by artists from around the world.  Our Classic Tube Facemasks are seamless tubular bandanas made out of an ultra-soft microfiber fabric that protects your face from sun, wind, snow and dirt, and wicks away sweat.  UPF of 25+.

The Mesh Tube Facemasks – ­ AVALON7 breathable mesh sun facemasks for snowboarding, skiing, fly fishing and hiking. AVALON7 mesh tube facemasks are the next level in facemask comfort and functionality.  They work great for protecting your face all day without fogging your glasses or goggles, and allow you to breathe freely no matter how hard you get after it.  Transformable to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer!  UPF of 25+ There are four series of mesh tube facemasks – Artist Series, Connect Series, National Park Series and the Flag Series. Below is one example from each series. Check out the website for a full line.

The Stormfleece Facemasks – Snowboarding and Skiing Facemasks. The AVALON7 StormFleece Facemasks are built for the coldest days where you need extra protection from the cold and wind.  These are our warmest facemasks, built from our FX7 bonded fleece fabric, which is smooth on the outside and soft and fuzzy on the inside.  UPF of 50+.

The Fleece Neck Gaiters – AVALON7 Standard Fleece Neck Gaiters are warm and comfy, and area a great universally loved style. Our classic fleece pile neck gaiter will keep you warm and cozy this winter with an extra soft inner layer of fur fleece.

The Tie-On Mesh Bandanas – AVALON7 Bandarils are the most breathable mesh bandanas on the planet- perfect for snowboarding, skiing, fly fishing, biking and hiking! They are made out of our innovative X7 MeshTek polyester mesh fabric, which is warm, breathable and fast drying.  This tie in the back style bandana is extra big and is great for touring.

The Balaclavas – AVALON7 balaclavas are a team rider favorite.  They are made from our super comfortable Stretchsoft fabric, and are perfect for keeping your whole head warm and dry on deep powder days.  The face hole is intentionally left without stitching so that it is ultra comfortable under your goggles, and allows for extra stretch if you want to wear the balaclava upside-down as a regular tube. Layer one underneath one of our Mesh Tubes, and you have the A7 Powerslayer System, which optimizes breathability and comfort, allowing you to freely rotate the Mesh Tube when it gets wet while keeping your balaclava underlayer nice and dry.

The Powerslayer Facemask Combo System – The AVALON7 PowSlayer Facemask System is a revolution in facemask technology.  By combining our innovative Mesh Tube facemasks with our lightweight Balaclavas, you have a versatile, transformable system of layered face protection that you can adapt to any condition.  With the combo you get a standard balaclava and a standard mesh facemask.

So there you have a brief list of the Facemasks that Rob and AVALON7 offer. Check out their website for far more color and pattern options as well as all the other products they offer outside of Facemasks.

Oh…. and lastly.. This is a really cool thing that needs to be added . Not only does Rob have a cool vision, mindset and passion for what he is doing.. He is also giving back. Check out what he has going on with the giving side of the business.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product goes to our non-profit partner The FUTUREPOSITIV Project 501c3 to help kids activate in the outdoors through snowboarding.   www.futurepositiv.org

1% is also donated to 1% for the Tetons,  to help fund sustainable projects in Jackson Hole. www.onepercentforthetetons.com

Check out AVALON7 and Rob’s website at https://avalon7.com/

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