A Day Throwing Flies On The Blue River With A Moonlit Lunar S-Glass Fly Rod…

Morning came and so did the two hour drive to get to the fishing spot for the day. Along the way my fishing partner Chris and I decided to forego the previous plan of fishing a certain section of the Blue River and opted to hike in to a more remote section of the river. As I got out of the car I had three rod tubes with me and knew I had to pick on as I didn’t want to haul multiple fly rods with me hiking in to our fishing location…. which neither of us had been.

So as I stood there I thought to myself which rods should I take since I get one shot at this. Do I take my Winston 5wt, my Blue Halo 4wt or this new rod I have.. A Moonlit Lunar S-Glass 4wt. Both the Winston and Blue Halo I have fished before so I know exactly what to expect but the Moonlit was new.. unused.. untested.. and unknown to me so a huge risk to pick one that I had zero experience with and especially on a day I couldn’t easily get back to the car and change rods. But.. my experience with the guys at Moonlit Fly Fishing and their incredibly handcrafted furled leaders told me it was a chance worth taking.

So off we went down a path toward the catch and release only section of the river which was far from the bucket brigade as a friend called it. We walked and walked for what seemed like 45 minutes until we finally saw the sign for the C&R Area. This is when we had to start the bushwacking thru all the trees, overgrown vines and thorns.. but we heard the river off to the west so we knew it was close.. Finally we broke thru the jungle and the river looked fantastic.. large pools, long short waterfalls, riffles, overhanging grass banks, rocks…. a perfect place to fish. Now it was time to fish and out came the Moonlit Lunar S-Glass Fly Rod… We will get back to the fishing part in a few minutes…

Looking at the Lunar fly rod its got a great look to it. The 4wt that I have is a bright cherry red color with a white pearlescent band with the Moonlit Fly Fishing logo. Lunar S-Glass with weight is in a white block lettering and looks sharp and clean. To the eye the rod looks great. And yes I know it’s a small thing but to have the dots to line up the sections is something I like and not all rod makers do it. Moonlit does it…..

Cast after cast the Moonlit rod did it’s job. Great presentation, finesse, was incredibly accurate, responsive and could delicately lay a fly where I wanted it on this small-ish water. And coming in at $179.99, I’m not sure there is a better deal out there. Yes there are handcrafted fiberglass rods that are close to a piece of art that demand 4-5 times what the Moonlit does and yes they are truly fantastic looking but the Moonlit Lunar S-Glass does exactly what you need it to do and for those of us that have to think about how we spend the Moonlit rods fit that mindset perfectly.

So Let’s look at Moonlit’s website and how they describe their rods.

Why Our Rods?

An Old Glass Feel with a Modern Twist
Our NEW Lunar Series of S-Glass rods have been designed to have an old glass feel but lighter weight with a bit faster action, we have been able to do this with today’s new age advanced fiberglass materials and the expertise of our rod designer.

Fast Recovering Tip
One thing we don’t like in many glass rods is an overly soft tip that robs your casting energy, and give you arm fatigue. We designed the Lunar rods to have a fast recovering tip that eliminates over oscillation so the rod’s casting energy goes straight into your line without the wobble.

Progressive Taper with Reserved Power
The progressive action allows you to make smooth accurate short to medium casts but it also has a lot of reserved power to bomb the line out there when needed.

Excellent Roll Casts
The Lunar rods with their deep rod flex are also excellent at performing accurate roll casts.

Great Hook Sets
The Lunar S-Glass rods are also stiff enough to give you a great hook set and has enough backbone to fight fish effectively but elastic enough to bend all the way into the handle if needed.

Compact 4 Piece Rods
All the Lunar rods are a 4 piece which compacts down great for traveling and backpacking.

Several Sizes to Choose From
The Lunar rods will come in sizes 2wt, 3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, and 8wt giving you many options to fit your wants and needs. Each size will be a different color:

  • 8wt – 8ft 6in light blue
  • 7wt – 8ft 6in maroon
  • 6wt- 8ft 2in orange
  • 5wt – 8ft blue
  • 4wt – 7ft 6in red
  • 3wt – 6ft 8in light brown
  • 2wt – 6ft 6in green

Bold But Classy
These rods are bold colors like the glass rods people have loved with a nicely done white accent near the handle. The finish and classy wraps are about as good as it gets from a factory produced rod, we paid attention to the details. This is not just a rod that will love to use but a rod that well stand out visually.

Lifetime Warranty
One thing we do differently in the glass world is offer an easy lifetime warranty. Instead of making you ship your rod into us for repairs, for a $45 warranty fee we send the replacement parts right to you, so you are back to fishing faster.

Back to the fishing part..

Like I said the Moonlit Lunar did a fantastic job of placing flies in the exact spot I wanted them despite the howling wind we were fighting. Cast after cast the rod did it’s job and did it well. Fish after fish I was more impressed with the Moonlit Lunar S-Glass Fly Rod and you will be as well.

And lastly.. It’s late in the day. My fishing partner Chris has been standing near a small waterfall and in a pool below there is a nice rainbow.. thick and ready to be caught. He has thrown flies to it for almost 20 minutes to only have her snub him and put her nose up at his offerings. Chris called me over and told me to give her a try. At the time I had a mop fly on.. Yes a mop fly.. Not what I typically fish but they were working that day so I did it.. But this time the mop did’t work and neither did the next nine flies.. After ten flies I decide I am done after the next fly… So I go totally against everything that has worked the past two days and changed my set-up. I pulled off my mono leader and tied on a Moonlit Furled Leader – theDRIFTER Floating Dry Fly Furled Leader a piece of Moonlit 5x Fluorocarbon Tippet and an Elk Hair Caddis fly.. In the entire two days of fishing on the Blue River not a single person had told me they were using anything resembling a dry fly. It was all streamers, wooly boogers, mop flies, etc. Cast number 1 and she came up and totally missed the fly. Cast 2 she nailed it and the fight was on. Fast forward she was netted and released to fight another fisherman.

So when I tied on the new furled leader, tippet and caddis it was different. It’s hard to explain but throwing that set up was a feeling that was so different from the hundreds and hundreds of cast over the past two days. It was smooth and effortless. A thing of beauty. If you haven’t used a Moonlit furled leader you owe it to your self to give them a call or pick one up online. Let’s just say I’m not too far from totally moving away from Mono or Fluoro leaders and using Moonlit furled leaders 100% of the time. They are just that good.

As the sun starting going down the wind picked up and a little light rain started so we decided the fishing was done for the day. All in all it was a great day and I was happy with my decision to stray from what I knew and give the Moonlit rod the chance it deserved. No chance this rod ever leaves my collection…. It’s Just That Good….

You can check out the rods, furled leaders and everything else Moonlit Fly Fishing offers on their website of – https://moonlitflyfishing.com/ or their Instagram page @moonlitflyfishing. You won’t be disappointed.

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