The Steelhead Run – Photographed by Daniel Wolfe

We don’t have a gear review post today but instead some great wildlife photography by Daniel Wolfe – The Beauty of the Steelhead Run. Thanks go out to Daniel for allowing us to showcase his photography. Fantastic capture! Check out more of Daniel‘s incredible photography on his Facebook page –

The Incredible Art of Derek DeYoung

Artist – An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art.

I absolutely love art and how one artist can interpret someone while another artist brings us something totally different. Everyone has their favorite artists and there are some we just don’t enjoy as much as others. Today we are straying a little from the typical gear reviews we do here at Bang For Your Buck Outdoor Reviews and focusing on another area which I think is relevant and that’s outdoor/wildlife art. This will be a multi part series as we focus on some incredibly talented artists that focus on fish, fishing, outdoors and other areas that we all love as fly fisherman, hikers, backpackers and all around outdoors folk.

The artist we are bringing to you in today’s post is Derek DeYoung.

Derek DeYoung – In the fly fishing world if you haven’t heard of Derek DeYoung you are living under a rock. His art is fantastic just like his subjects and his use of the entire range of colors is truly amazing. If there is one thing I love about his art is the bright, bold and vibrant colors of everything he does. In addition he isn’t painting fish as you would see them straight out of the stream, lake, river or ocean. He puts an amazing twist on the look and feel of the fish and it works… it just works.

“Derek’s art directly reflects his joy and enthusiasm for fishing and the outdoors. He studies his subject matter and gets inspired when he is in nature. Then he comes back to the studio and tries to capture it all on canvas.” -Janell DeYoung

I have spent a good amount of time on Derek’s website and the one thing I come back to over and over is a quote he has on one of his pages. I think it honestly sums up exactly what he is doing.

“My work has veered off from the traditional fish illustration style. I place more importance on using a unique style and palette rather than painting a fish to look photo realistic. The reason I’ve chosen fish as the subject of my life’s work is I find fish to be intriguing, not just as a fisherman, but as an artist. When painting fish, I try to capture all the intricacies they possess; their scales, patterns, dimension and texture. When chest deep in a river, I’m not just chasing fish, I’m searching for a magical experience or vision that will inspire me, and raise my paintings to a higher level. For me, the most inspirational vision comes once I’ve landed a particularly beautiful fish. I hold it up, tilting the fish back and forth in the sunlight, allowing all the subtle colors and patterns to come alive. After setting the fish back into the water and releasing it into the depths, the only thing on my mind is getting back to my studio to bring that fish back to to life on my canvas.” – Derek DeYoung

Unique is a great word to describe Derek’s art. Unique, Incredible and Fantastic are all great words that come to mind when looking at his paintings. Check out his work on Instagram @derek.deyoung / his website / or give Derek and Janell a call at 616.308.0255.