Fast Approaching – Golden Dorado Fishing in Argentina with Alejandro Pozzi – The Master!

Just a few short months away – Buenos Aires, Argentina and fishing with Alejandro Pozzi for giant Golden Dorado. After numerous conversations with Alejandro I honestly don’t think I have ever worked with someone that is as professional, patient and willing to give information than him. Review after review from past clients it sounds like Alejandro is the Fishing Rockstar of Argentina and just am incredibly down to earth nice guy… so why wouldn’t you book with him. Later in this post I’ll give some information on how he works with his clients including what to expect from your day on the water.

Now on to the gear portion. Being it will only be a single day on the water my ability to review gear will be limited to a select few. Right now I’m shooting for a 2-3 rods max and two to three reels. Below is what I’m looking at so far but this can and probably will change.

Rod #1 – Scott Fly Rod Company Tidal 9’ 8wt 4 Piece Fly Rod. When looking at this rod there is no doubt you are looking at a Scott – from the unsanded blank to the amazing attention to detail it’s a beautiful fly rod. At the end of the day it’s a Scott and they just flat out make exceptional fly rods.

Rod #2 – Moonlit Fly Fishing Lunar S-Glass 8’6” 8wt 4 Piece Fiberglass Fly Rod. The reviews on these rods are outstanding, people seem to love them and their price point is just plain crazy low. I’ve been talking to the guys over at Moonlit and my goal is to take one of these and do a two rod head to head between the Tidal and S-Glass. Nothing in hand yet…..

Rod #3 – Blue Halo Zen Glass S-2 – 8’6″ 8wt or 9wt. New to the Blue Halo lineup is the cool clear Zen Glass..

Reel #1 – Redington Behemoth 7/8 wt Reel. At $120 you wouldn’t expect the type of quality Redington is pumping out in this reel. From the fit and finish to the stopping power of the drag this thing was built to be put to the test.

Reel #2 – Bozeman FlyWorks has a new line of reels and I’ve been talking to them about a possible 8wt. Nothing set in stone yet but hopefully they will have an 8wt that we can put up against the Behemoth. Haven’t received a response from Bozeman about their 8wt reel. Just waiting to see if this is going to be an option.

Reel #3 – Big Y Fly Company has a line of reels called The General. I have one in hand and it will be on the trip to Argentina. I have fished it a little on Large Mouth Bass and the drag could quite possibly stop a locomotive. It’s wicked good.

As other products are in place I will update.

Back to Alejandro.. I asked him a few basic questions so I could give everyone a look into a full day of fishing with him.

1. The day starts out with a very early morning pick up at your hotel in Buenos Aires. I’m not sure what early morning means but I’m sure it involves darkness!

2. To get to the fishing location it requires a 2.5 hour drive.

3. The targeted fish for the day will be Golden Dorado followed by Pira Pita and Surubi.

4. What’s included – Lunch, Drinks, Fishing Permits, All Fishing Equipment, Tackle, Flies, Leaders and Tippet. Everything…

5. All trips include a bilingual guide that’s with you all day.

Now who on earth doesn’t think fly fishing for those monster Dorado isn’t something you should do. Check out the link below to Alejandro’s Trip Advisor page and reviews from his past clients.…

Fly Fishing Bear Lake and Blue Lake Outside of Stonewall, CO – Simply Beautiful

It was a great few days in Southern Colorado testing gear and fishing. Here are a few pics from the trip and I will get started on the individual reviews and post more pics this week. The scenery was gorgeous with the leaves changing to fall colors and the fish were being cooperative which always makes for a better time on the water. Bear Lake and Blue Lake were amazingly clear.

As So It Begins…… Colorado Here We Come!

We are heading out tomorrow (Monday) morning on our gear review trip to Southern Colorado and plan to fish outside of Weston, CO on the Purgatorie River, Blue Lake, Bear Lake and other small streams in the area. Check back this week while we are on the water for some quick updates on gear and then more in-depth reviews and gear information once we return. We will be reviewing gear from R.L. Winston Rod CompanyAbel Reels, RDP Fly Rods, RedingtonTemple Fork OutfittersHipcampThe DyrtBig Y Fly CompanySierra DesignsDRAGONtail TenkaraMoonlit Fly FishingBozeman FlyWorksBlue Halo and others…

Fall Gear Review Trip To Southern Colorado

First fall review trip coming up in two weeks from today. Heading out to Southern Colorado to the Trinidad/Weston area. We will be fishing the Purgatorie River, Blue Lake, Bear Lake and any small streams we can find. We are still compiling all the gear we will be taking to review so I’ll post closer to the time we leave.

This review trip will be my first time to use the Hipcamp app for booking a place to camp. It’s a great website / app if you haven’t checked it out yet. You can also look at my post about Hipcamp last week. Hipcamp provides a way for people to find private land owners that invite campers to use their land for a very small fee. We have picked out Steve C’s El Casa Allegre in the beautiful High Country of Southern Colorado. Steve has been over the top helpful with booking and giving advice on fishing locations. Steve is also reaching out to land owners on the Purgatorie River for permission for us to fish since we are doing reviews.

Steve and his wife describe on their Hipcamp post, we have 35+ acres of beautiful pine trees and large rock outcroppings and also open meadows to camp in. We have a common open kitchen area and also a common bathhouse. Come enjoy the clean air of 8,000’ and enjoy some fishing, hiking, riding or just plain relaxing.

Sounds like a great place to me and only $20 per tent site per night and that’s for 2 people. Additional people are an extra $5 per night.

More gear information prior to leaving and reviews and pictures once we are on the water.

The Cool World Of Hipcamp. An Alternative To The Public Campgrounds.

A lot of you have probably heard about Hipcamp but more than likely a lot haven’t.. In a world of vacation homes for rent littered all over sites like AirBNB, VRBO, HomeAway and others there really hasn’t been a place for people dedicated to camping. Until Hipcamp.. With a vision to change the way people camp, founder Alyssa Ravasio went about mapping all the public lands in the United States. Ummm. That in itself sounds like an amazingly difficult undertaking but she and Co-founder Eric Bach did it. Then it moved to private lands and this is what grabbed my attention when I ran across Hipcamp a few weeks ago.

From the Hipcamp website:

Hipcamp is everywhere you want to camp. Discover unique experiences on ranches, nature preserves, farms, vineyards, and public campgrounds across the U.S. Book tent camping, treehouses, cabins, yurts, primitive backcountry sites, car camping, airstreams, tiny houses, RV camping, glamping tents and more.

Camping is somewhat challenging when trying to book public campsites. You don’t know what you are really going to get or who you are going to be around. It doesn’t really feel like camping when you set up camp and an hour later Axl Rose and his band drop anchor 15 feet from you and start the night of partying. That’s not the kind of camping I want to do. I like dark, quiet places where you can sit back, relax and look at the stars and just enjoy being somewhere dead silent. So when I started searching Hipcamp and found numerous private land owners willing to open their land for near nothing in payment it caught my attention. Not only would there be a land owner nearby in most cases but the thought of being on private land adds a small level of safety that you don’t get at a public campground. At this point I was sold….

For a few days I spent a lot of time searching Hipcamp for locations I wanted to be testing gear over the next 6 months. I signed up for a free account and started saving my favorites. Then I ran into someone I knew and was telling them about my new awesome discovery. They asked if I had heard of Tentrr? I said no and thought to myself… Crap.. what is Tentrr and how could I have spent all this time and there might be something better than Hipcamp. I started my research and quickly realized Hipcamp is far better. Instead of asking you to believe me here are a few numbers to back up my opinion. Looking at the Tentrr site they list 3 states on their sites main page. New York, Maine and California. I decided to search all three states on both platforms since those must be their go to states with the most campsites.

New York
Tentrr – 273
Hipcamp – 600+

Tentrr – 86
Hipcamp – 100+

Tentrr – 42
Hipcamp – 300+

Then I looked up my home state Oklahoma
Tentrr – 1 (seriously just 1 ????)
Hipcamp – 83

At this point my research and comparison was done. Waste of time. So back to researching my upcoming gear review trips was back on at Hipcamp. I’m happy to say I have my spots picked out and will get them booked closer to the dates.

So, if you love to camp and love the outdoors, do yourself a favor and sign up for Hipcamp. Download the app or use the website. Whatever your preference just do it and you won’t be sorry. And shhhhh… dont tell the Hipcamp people I used their logo on my post!!

Now quit reading and get outdoors !!