Flies Tied Right Here In Your Backyard – Freddy’s Flies

If you are looking to support a local guy tying flies take a look at Freddy at Freddy’s Flies.  The pictures below are a couple of beadless Woolly Buggers that he tied up recently. Great job as usual and thanks again Freddy. I will be throwing these at bass and panfish when I return from Southern Colorado in a few weeks. Check out his work and items for sale on his Instagram page – FreddysFlies.  These are hands down some of the best quality flies I have used.

A Fly With A Propeller? ?

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but in my near 20 years of fly fishing I haven’t seen a fly with a propeller on it. These little guys are made by a small company in Trinidad, CO – Hi-Country Flies and these propeller flies are called the Original Pistol Pete. I guess we will see how they do on the Purgatorie River, Bear Lake and Blue Lake. If you look at their FB page all the people reviewing them seem to love these things. Looking forward to giving something new a try! So… have you used these type of flies? Check out their website…


Update.. I fished these things over and over on my trip to Southern Colorado and just didn’t have any luck. Zero strikes, zero anything. The vast majority of the fish I caught which was near 50 in two days were all caught on mosquito dry flies and the occasional bead head nymph. Sorry Pete but they didn’t work. But in their defense I have read reviews that people swear by them. Not sure they will hit my fly box again but never know.