Who Doesn’t Need A Fiberglass Rod Tube?

The newly released light blue fiberglass rod tube by Blue Halo is a real winner. Definitely unique and stands out when carrying an awesome Blue Halo rod around. Check them out at the link below and for $50 you really can’t go wrong owning one.


Guest Review Of The Tenkara Rod Co. – The Sawtooth.

Today we have our first guest reviewer with a look at the Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth Rod. Having fished with Chris in the past I value his opinion and know he will tell it the way it is. Thanks Chris McIntire for taking the Sawtooth with you on your last trip to Colorado and we appreciate your review!

The Sawtooth Package retails on the website for $179.00 and comes with the Sawtooth 12’ rod, rod sock and tube, line, spool, 3 hand tied flies and some 5x tippet. Everything you need to get fishing.

Chris McIntire – Tenkara Rod Co – Sawtooth Rod Review

I’ve been excited to try Tenkara fishing for some time. If you’re like me, it’s hard to pick a rod over my favorites. I hate missing a fish because I’m not familiar with the gear! But this Sawtooth rod from Tenkara Rod Co. was simple to set up and get into action.

First thing: Incredible portability – easier to transport than ANY other rod I’ve owned or used. I backpacked this in it’s tube and the small satchel that holds the line and bugs.

Second: Easy set up. From opening the tube to first cast was only minutes. Rod expands quickly, tied leader into rod tip with simply loop, Tippet (included) tied with clinch knot on tippet ring and then the bug tied on too….casting in minutes.

Elegance is simple effectiveness and the Sawtooth accomplishes that in minutes.

I landed this beautiful trout on my second cast so what else is there to say? It simply works!

As I was casting I had a few thoughts. I would want at least two of these rods at different lengths for different types of water. With this sort of pricing, that’s easy to afford. The 12 foot length gives a great reach and I would want to have a shorter one to complement this one and pop them out as needed. (the set up is so fast, it would take NO time…)

I used the included tippet and found it to be a bit brittle when I tied the bug on and test tugged the line – no problem, I just grabbed my own spool and was catching fish in minutes.

I also caught this fish on the included dry fly to be able to give an “honest” review – so you can know if you get this Sawtooth Rod from Tenkara Rod Co. – you have everything you need to catch trout.

Obviously the entire world of flies is open to use but this kit is ready to roll and certified dangerous on the water as is! Thank you Bryan Pearson for introducing me to Tenkara and thank you Tenkara Rod Co. for the use of the rod! I highly recommend! ~Chris McIntire

The HELLbender Tenkara Rod by DRAGONtail Tenkara.

Quick trip to the lake this past weekend and tried out my new DRAGONtail HELLbender Tenkara Rod.. I didn’t have a lot of time to throw the line but was incredibly pleased with how it performed… but anything DRAGONtail Tenkara puts out is a winner! If you haven’t fished Tenkara before – Pick up a DRAGONtail Tenkara rod soon and give it a try… if you do fish Tenkara but haven’t fished a DRAGONtail rod head over to their website and and check them out. And lastly.. if you already own a DRAGONtail rod pick up another one. You know you need another Tenkara rod!! I’m going to be fishing the HELLbender a couple more times in the next week or so and will do a more in-depth review.

Also.. DRAGONtail is part of Moonlit Fly Fishing and from what I saw on Moonlit’s FB page they are getting ready to get a big batch of their Lunar S-GLASS Fly Rods. Website shows the regular price is $224.99 but they are currently on sale for pre-order for only $159.99. I would imagine that type of discount won’t last long so head over quick to take advantage of it. The glass rods look to come in 2wt-8wt. I will probably be picking up an 8wt once I nail down my trip to Argentina to fish for Golden Dorado!

Moonlit Fly Fishing website – www.moonlitflyfishing.com

Drop Brent a line and from my experience he will be happy to answer any questions you may have about both DRAGONtail and Moonlit products. Great guy with a great line of fly fishing gear.

Check back in a couple weeks for a full review of the HELLbender!

The DRAGONtail ShadowFire 365 Tenkara Rod

Review of the DRAGONtail ShadowFire 365. Tenkara Fishing is new to me and not what I have done in regards to fly fishing for the past 20 years. The things that gets me is the no reel aspect of Tenkara but the simplicity of it is fantastic. I decided to jump into it and reached out to Brent at DRAGONtail Tenkara for some information and guidance. If you are looking for someone that is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to answer loads and loads of questions Brent is your guy to get in touch with. I couldn’t be happier.

The fishing we were doing was incredibly difficult in tiny streams with sometimes massive amounts of grass growing waist high and hanging over the stream itself. See the pictures of the stream I’m talking about and you will understand. When looking at the stream I knew there was absolutely no chance using a traditional casting technique but rather drop and drift. This is where the Tenkara excelled.

So backing up… when the Tenkara arrived it was nicely packaged and came with a great rod sock, rod tube and everything I needed to give Tenkara a shot. What I love about the Rod is that it collapses into itself and makes transport much easier than a traditional rod. You tie on a leader – furled was my choice and then some tippet. Once you are done fishing hook the fly into the small spool and start wrapping the tippet and then leader around. Once wrapped up slide the spoil down the rod and you are ready to go. Nothing to it.

When fishing this tiny stream (pictured) the strategy I used was utilize the 12’ length of the Shadowfire rod. The fish were very spooky and you needed to stay away from the edge of the stream and hidden. I was crawling in my knees and then when still far enough away I would use the 12’ rod to hold it above the water and gently lower the fly, tippet and leader gently into the stream. The current of the stream would take the fly the length of the leader and tippet and then once at the end I would lift and place again. Working with any other Rod wouldn’t have worked as I would have been too close to the water. The Shadowfire worked perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.

Back to the rod itself.. for a $99 rod setup it can’t be beat and especially for someone new to Tenkara fishing. How can you go wrong with a $99 investment into something totally new but still in the area of something you love – Fly Fishing. So with that being said. I can’t recommend Brent and DRAGONtail Tenkara enough. Great company, great products and great customer support from Brent. Guarantee you will be pleased with your purchase. Drop Brent a line and I’m sure he will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Also… Brent also is part of Moonlit Fly Fishing and happens to make some of the greatest Furled Leaders around. I have written a review of his furled leaders a week ago so check that review out as well.

Next up.. I need to pick up a 13’ DRAGONtail HELLbender Zoom Rod for those lake and pond fishing days chasing big large mouth bass !!

Bright Red Blue Halo 8′ 5wt By Terry’s Custom Rods

Next up – an absolutely beautiful Blue Halo 8’ 5wt Fiberglass Fly Rod by Terry’s Custom Rods.. What can I say except wow.. it’s an amazing Fly Rod and the bright red color is stunning to say the least. The slow to moderate action of this fiberglass rod makes you slow your casting down and allowed for great accuracy and being able to lay down a small hopper exactly where I wanted it to some incredibly spooky browns. While in New Mexico on our review trip the water we were fishing was narrow and tight with over hanging grass so I didn’t really have the opportunity to really put the rod to a full long casting test but the type of fishing I did do it performed perfectly. Once I got back I threw an Abel reel on the rod and took it out and got an opportunity to see what it could do with distance. Once again it didn’t disappoint. Like I said previously it is a slow to moderate Rod so you really have to be patient and slow the cast down but it’s buttery smooth and it’s definitely a keeper. I’m definitely going to take it out in 2-3 weeks again to throw some big poppers at some large mouth and see how it performs giving it a true workout. So… all in all it’s a fantastic rod and if you are in the market for a fiberglass rod give Terry a shout and get him to put one together for you. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the rod or your interaction with Terry. He’s a class act and does great work. Check out @Terry’s Custom Rods on FB…

A Fantastic 0wt Fly Rod By RDP And A Redington Zero 2/3 Reel – Dry Fly Fishing Dream – Perfection!

One of our set-ups for the upcoming gear review trip. Picked up a fantastic 0 wt fly rod from Mark at RDP Fly Rods and a Redington Zero 2/3 Fly Reel with 1 wt. Rio fly line. Should be great for a little dry fly fishing on those tiny streams in the Valles Caldera.. Go see Mark’s work at www.rdpflyrods.com.