Barn and Brook Supply Co

Barn and Brook Supply Co. – Various Handmade Products – Knives and Leather Goods

We all have a pocket knives whether it be for everyday carry or what’s thrown in our gear bag or backpack to use out on water, trail or at our evening campsite. But.. yes we all have one or multiple.. I tend to lean towards the multiple!!

So when I stumbled across Phil Seeley’s Instagram page and website I decided to drop him a line and see what he was all about. What he’s all about is laid back, gracious, helpful, awesome customer service and he also happens to put out some amazing stuff. Yes I know I say it all the time but here it is again. I LOVE HANDMADE GEAR and Phil’s stuff is no different. Phil puts out top notch knives and leather products and you would definitely be missing out if you didn’t at least visit his page and browse around. As you can tell by the pictures below it’s good stuff.

Like I said Phil has been incredible to talk to and I think his website’s About section tells you all you need to know. On top of that he’s also a fly fisherman, so how bad of a guy could he possibly be!!!

Taken From The About Page on Barn and Brook Supply Co – Artist and craftsman, Phil Seeley, was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania and has lived in Vermont for eighteen years. Son of a woodworker, Phil learned at an early age how to combine form and function to create long-lasting, useful art. Barn & Brook’s leather goods are cut and stitched by Seeley’s hands to create the perfect feel and fit in yours, intended to be broken in and passed down through multiple generations.

His knives are carefully crafted with their beginnings forming on paper. Once every detail has been calculated he brings them to life. Working only with high carbon steel and stabilized hardwood, his designs take on a life of their own. Only considered complete once Phil himself feels that they are of the highest quality possible…and of course, the most pleasing to look at.

Phil finds inspiration through spending time with his family and spending time on the many local brooks fly fishing. He currently resides in Hinesburg, VT

So the question to ask now is do you want to travel, camp, hike, backpack or fly fish with a cheap poor quality Chinese knife or are you ready to check out Phil’s awesome heirloom quality knives as well as his other handmade products?

Passing down a knife of this quality to your son or daughter means something far more than the current knife you may have purchased on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart. So take a few minutes and look at Phil’s website or Instagram page and do yourself a favor and support a local artist and craftsman. These products are made by Phil’s hands and not some overseas machine.

You can follow his adventures in the barn and on the brook on Instagram: @barnandbrooksupplyco or email him at

Check out all of Phil’s awesome stuff at his website:

The General Fly Reel

Big Y Fly Company – The General Fly Reel 7/8wt- $129.99 – Ferrari Red Backing and Yellow Line

This review could honestly be done very quickly simply by saying – This reel is a WORKHORSE!! But since that doesn’t give much information I’ll refrain from opting for the short and sweet version and give you a little more information.

A few weeks ago I picked up the 7/8wt version of this reel and was extremely surprised when I opened up the box. After I tore down the reel and looked it over I still have no idea how they are putting together a reel of this quality and selling it for $129.99. It’s a bargain if you ask me. When the reel and additional spool hit my front porch I pounded out a quick initial review so look down a few posts for some more information.

OK… back to the reel. So I broke it down, looked it over, tested it in the backyard and just flat out abused the drag on this reel trying to see what it could do. Nothing I did could make it stray from what it’s supposed to do and that’s two things. (1) Hold backing and line and (2) STOP FISH. Did I mention I love the drag on this reel? Just in case you missed it I do. The drag knob doesn’t click like a lot of reels but rather it’s a smooth dial so you can set it without having specified increments like other reels I own…with one company putting out crazy expensive reels and they don’t perform any better than the General… Yep I said it.. this $130 reel goes toe to toe with my $700 (insert that expensive reel brand here) and can easily match it.

And… today I took the reel out and paired it with a Scott Tidal – 9’ 8wt and it worked perfectly. I used the reel chasing large mouth bass today around a farm pond in dirty murky water and mud everywhere (Cows watching me). I dropped it, slipped and fell in the mud around the bank (yes I fell), and it was fairly abused in those two instances and it didn’t miss a beat.

From the Big Y website – description of The General

The new General Series Reels from Big Y Fly Co is the latest in our product lineup of quality fly fishing gear. This reel actually takes off where our Nano left off. Milled specifically to decrease weight and increase backing capacity, this awesome reel is manufactured using 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for hardcore durability that will stand the test of time. We even designed in a sealed drag to keep out those nasty elements, whether in salt or freshwater. Whatever you can throw at it, this reel can take it. It is available to match 5wt-10wt rods (including Switch and Spey models). A great option for the trout bum, all the way up to the die-hard saltwater fisher. At this price point it is damn near impossible to beat, so buy two! The General Series Reels are sure to be a top mainstay in our lineup for a long time.

So, when it really matters, make it a General Series Reel from Big Y Fly Co. Designed in Hood River, Oregon.

A sealed drag using multi carbon disc system.
Machine cut out of cold forged 6061-T6 aluminum.
Oversize handles and drag knob making it easy to use in wet and cold conditions.
Increased backing capacity.
Caged frame.
Includes mesh reel pouch.

So in summary.. The General can stand up to just about whatever you throw at it and at a price point that doesn’t even make sense it‘s so low. Pick one up or at that price pick up a few of them or some extra spools. Trust me it’s a steal.

Only thing I would change is the name to The Gladiator.. because it’s just a beast of a reel… and that logo on the dial looks like Russell Crowe’s helmet in the movie!! Picture below is a large mouth that was brought in on the General! Great fish although my camera man needs a little more work on getting the entire fish in the frame!

Great job Big Y Fly Company – check out the reel at the link below or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

Echo Canyon Lanyards

Echo Canyon Lanyards – Handmade Fly Fishing Lanyards by Collette – $24 – $30.

We live in a world that is quickly moving towards mass produced goods, and when I say mass produced I actually mean poor quality/overpriced junk. If you love low quality, plastic fly fishing gear please stop reading RIGHT NOW because you will have no interest in what Collette is producing.

As most of you know I tend to go out of my way to track down handmade gear when available because it usually lasts longer and the most important thing, it was built by someone that probably cares about what they are doing and wants to put out good quality products. In my 20 years of fly fishing I have used just about everything made to carry gear around with me while I’m on the water and recently I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t as difficult as I am making it. Simply put, I carry far more gear in my vest or hip pack than I would need if I were fishing for 9 days straight. Hence the reason I’m starting to use a lanyard by Collette at Echo Canyon Lanyards and a small shoulder bag (previously reviewed) by Chris Lantzy with Custom Fly Rods. This set up is light and simple the way fly fishing should be in my opinion.

Now on to Collette‘s lanyards. As you can tell by the photos she puts out some really cool and unique lanyards with awesome components comprised of Bone, Horn, Seed, Natural Cork, Leather, Stone and other natural elements. What you won’t see used in her lanyards is plastic or glass.

The majority of her lanyards are sold through Etsy and EBay – links below. As she describes her products “The snaps and key rings make it easy to attach a zinger, scissors, nippers and tools of importance, Uniquely Different From The Rest. The neck back is hand sewn neoprene not foam pads. Unlike foam, neoprene is durable and resistant to oil, heat and weathering. These lanyards come with more interchangeable accessory connectors than most other lanyards (six not four).”

So if you are looking for a lanyard at an incredible price and made with high quality components look no further. Pick one up from Collette and you won’t be disappointed. (Mine is the Grateful Dead lanyard in the first photo). Check out her two stores on EBay and Etsy.

EBay – echocanyon123 or search for USA Handcrafted Fly Fishing Lanyards

Etsy – EchoCanyonLanyards

Email –

The Grace and Beauty of a Custom Bamboo Rod

Chris Lantzy / Custom Rod Maker – Split Bamboo Fly Rods – $600-$1,270+

If you have followed me and this page for any time at all you will know that I’m a huge fan of Chris Lantzy and his work. In the past I have posted about his custom fly wallets, bags or other handmade goods but I have yet to post about his custom split bamboo fly rods. Well.. today is the day. When I think of bamboo rods I think about my childhood and going fishing with my grandfather. Although they weren’t fly rods my grandfather taught me to fish on a bamboo rod. The man was a true fisherman and passed on to me every ounce of fishing knowledge he had in his head. He was truly special.

Now.. let’s be clear about one thing…. the fly rods Chris produces are not your grandfathers bamboo fly rods. Absolutely not. These are truly magnificent works of art and I think the photographs attached will back up what I’m saying.

Chris produces three different and distinct levels of fly rod.

1. The Prudential Series – $600 – 2 piece rods and available in all length and line weights. Most popular are 6’ 5wt, 7’ 4wt and 7’-6” 5wt.

2. The Classical Series – All rods 5ft to 8ft in length are available in 2/2 (2 piece/ 2 tip) configuration. Rods 8”6″ to 9′ length are available in 3/2 (3 piece/ 2 tip) configurations. 2/2 rods are $865 and 3/2 rods are $995.

3. And lastly – The Custom Series. This rod is truly a custom project. 2/2 rods come in at $1155+ and 3/2 rods start at $1,270. Like I said, this is a custom rod and you will work closely with Chris on every aspect of your fly rod build.

I’m not sure I have seen a custom bamboo fly rod at this price point with this much quality built into everyone a Chris lays his hands on….a true artesian.

Check out the photos in the post and you will see that Chris is a true artist. So when you want something different than fiberglass or graphite, give Chris a call or drop him an email. I assure you he will be incredibly timely with his responses and happy to answer any question you have have.

Not everyone has the opportunity to fish like Paul Maclean but give Chris a call and you too can be standing knee high in the Blackfoot River throwing dry flies from a bamboo rod.

“…it is not fly fishing if you are not looking for answers to questions.”
― Norman Maclean

You can visit Chris’s site at the link below.

You can also check out his work on Instagram – customflyrods

Big Y Fly Company and The General

Big Y Fly Company – The General Fly Reel – $129.99 – Ferrari Red and Yellow Line & Backing

Up today is a reel that I posted about a few weeks ago when it first came in – THE GENERAL.. Good looking reel put out by Big Y Fly Company… the good people at Big Y spooled it up with some awesome bright red backing and I had Tom at Backwoods put on some Rio WF8F Bass/Pike/Panfish line. Just so happened the line was yellow so the red and yellow combo gives it the Ferrari color look!! This weekend I’ll be pairing the reel with a Scott Tidal 8wt rod and chasing some Oklahoma farm pond Large Mouth Bass… From my initial messing around with the reel it seems to have a fantastic drag so we will see how it does this weekend when out on the water. Review and on the water pics coming this weekend…

Blue Halo Fiberglass Rods – 7’6″ 4wt in Fantastic Jade

It’s New Fly Rod Day – I can’t say enough about Blue Halo and their amazing fiberglass fly rods. Today I picked up a Blue Halo 7’6” 4wt RetroFlex 3 fiberglass rod in a stunning Jade color.. This color is one of the coolest rod colors I have ever seen. Obviously I haven’t fished it yet but I did take it out to the backyard and threw it around a little. Preliminary thoughts — It’s smooth as butter!! Truly awesome stick and glad I own my second Blue Halo fly rod….. I might just pair this jade fly rod with a Redington Zero 4/5 in Dreamsicle.

Next up an 8wt or 9wt Zenglass S-2 to take to Argentina when I spend some time with Alejandro Pozzi, owner of Fishing in Buenos Aires Guide Service chasing giant Golden Dorado. Already have a Scott Tidal in hand so need something that is up for the challenge of a head to head.. We will see if the Zen is interested…. What do you think Cortney Boice ? Do you think a Zenglass vs Scott Tidal would be a good head to head fishing for Dorado? BH hasn’t let me down yet….

Chris Lantzy and The Mini Pack – Fly Fishing Simplicity

THE MINI PACK – by Chris Lantzy – $35.00

I have labeled myself a fly fisherman for about 20 years now and also a major gear junkie! i absolutely love gear and I love good quality hand-made gear. Why?? Because it’s being made by someone with a passion for what they are doing and not some mass produced thing. I’ve used everything from Patagonia vests to Fishpond hip packs… I haven‘t liked any of them that much.. then I ran across this pack and I’m ordering one first thing Monday morning. I think I may have found the answer. Below is the information taken from the website as well as the link to the product. Once I get it in I’ll post a more in-depth review.

Description From website ––…

Here is one of the most convenient accessories you can have for keeping all your essential fishing items in one place. This canvas Mini Pack is also perfect for those times when you’re going light & don’t want to wear a vest or carry a fishing bag. This is a truly unique fishing accessory – there’s not another like it anywhere.

With four expandable, accordion-style pockets, each with a velcro closure, it can hold just about all the essentials you’ll need along the water: tippet spools, leaders, floatant, nippers, a small fly box, etc. There’s room enough in here for everything. Since each pocket has it’s own closure you can access only the pocket you need at any time without worry about anything falling out of the pack when open. Two snap closures on the flap allow you to keep it closed securely no matter how much it expands or how full you fill it. The swivel hook allows you to attach it to your vest, shirt, or belt. It can be hung from a lanyard & it could possibly even fit in a shirt or pants pocket, too.

There’s even a back pocket on the pack for holding your hemostats, pliers, or other hook-removing tool. A strap keeps the tool secured in the pack, but easily pulls open for quick access when taking a hook out of a fish’s mouth.

So.. check out the website for a good selection of hand-made fly fishing accessories.

Handcrafted Custom Products – Rather Than Mass Produced Overseas Stuff…..

In a world of mass produced cheap China made products there are still masters at crafting hand-made exceptional quality items. One such person is Chris Lantzy at Custom Fly Rods. Don’t assume all he makes are simply stunning bamboo fly rods. No.. he also puts out a line of amazing leather items for fly fishing as well. Amazing work, super nice and incredibly accommodating. I stole some images from his page!! Sorry Chris! Check his stuff out on his website –

The leader wallet coming my way will be the perfect place to store the greatest furled leaders out there. If you haven’t fished with furled leaders yet give Moonlit Fly Fishing a try. Amazing leaders to say the least.

Flies Tied Right Here In Your Backyard – Freddy’s Flies

If you are looking to support a local guy tying flies take a look at Freddy at Freddy’s Flies.  The pictures below are a couple of beadless Woolly Buggers that he tied up recently. Great job as usual and thanks again Freddy. I will be throwing these at bass and panfish when I return from Southern Colorado in a few weeks. Check out his work and items for sale on his Instagram page – FreddysFlies.  These are hands down some of the best quality flies I have used.